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Atlanta Grandparents' Rights Lawyer

Most determinations of child custody involve negotiating time between parents. However, sometimes there are other parties who have a stake in the child's life, including his or her grandparents. When parents are unwilling or unable to take care of their children, grandparents often step in to help out.

I am Jessica Handley Frost, a lawyer helping grandparents meet the challenges of child custody, visitation and guardianship matters. I represent the interests of grandparents throughout the area who are seeking custody and visitation rights.

Protecting Grandparents' Custody Rights In Marietta, Georgia

In some cases, parents and grandparents agree that they need to share custody or establish visitation to meet everyone's needs and protect the children. I help parents and grandparents work collaboratively to create and implement custody and visitation agreements.

Unfortunately, sometimes families do not agree about what arrangement best serves the children. I also work with grandparents who need to take a more assertive approach to matters of custody and visitation.

No matter what situation your family is in, you have rights and it is important to protect them. I am dedicated to helping grandparents and their grandchildren preserve their best interests.

Contact An Atlanta Grandparents' Rights Attorney

I have been a family law attorney for 18 years, during which time I have successfully represented many individuals and their families in Georgia. My goal is to find a solution that meets the needs of all parties while ensuring that the children have an appropriate, stable living arrangement.

To learn more about how I can help you and your loved ones, please contact me at 866-442-5628 to arrange a consultation.

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